Facility & Equipment

We custom-design and manufacture ALL Cooper Products, as well as our own tooling, at our 33,000-square-foot facility in Laconia, New Hampshire, USA. In 2012, we invested millions of dollars toward a major expansion project that more than doubled the size of the building, widening our capabilities to serve you better. Cooper Products shares a 5,000-square-foot comprehensive Technology Center with a sister company,  Kaco in North Carolina, housing state-of-the-art equipment for specialized compound development and testing, product design and testing, and sample and pilot production.

Manufacturing and Development Capabilities 

• 100-ton to 250-ton presses

• 500-ton press
• 12-inch to 24-inch platens
• Compression, transfer, flashless transfer

• 35-ton presses with flattening capability
• 12-ton press
• 7 approved specialty stamping suppliers

• In-house tool design, fabrication, and maintenance
• Seal validation testing

Seal Testing Capabilities

Most of our test fixtures are designed and built in-house. Test equipment and capabilities include:

• Muddy Water - 1/2 Shaft
• Muddy Water - Spray
• Low Temperature Start Tests - (-40°)
• Dynamic Torque Measurement
• Thermal Shock—Ice Bath Plunge
• Life Test
• Elevated Temperature Life Test
• Lip Inversion Test At Assembly
• Air Leak Test
• Instron – Tensile Tester
• FTIR – Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer
• Mixer – 5.5L Shaw K-1
• RPA 2000 – Rubber Processability Analyzer